Casa Fontana B&B Barga: Availability 2018

You can quickly check current availability on this page, we will keep it regularly updated; however please email us to check, as the situation can change. each GREEN block represents a double room available You can also use our pricing calculator to check the total price of your stay.

We are listed on TripAdvisor and Fodor's, but please book direct at enquiry.

Mon 16Tue 17Wed 18Thu 19Fri 20 Sat 21Sun 22
Mon 23Tue 24Wed 25Thu 26Fri 27 Sat 28Sun 29
Mon 30
MAYTue 1Wed 2Thu 3Fri 4Sat 5Sun 6
Mon 7Tue 8Wed 9Thu 10Fri 11Sat 12Sun 13
Mon 14Tue 15Wed 16Thu 17Fri 18Sat 19Sun 20
Mon 21Tue 22Wed 23Thu 24Fri 25Sat 26Sun 27
Mon 28Tue 29Wed 30Thu 31
JUNEFri 1Sat 2Sun 3
Mon 4Tue 5Wed 6Thu 7Fri 8 Sat 9Sun 10
Mon 11Tue 12Wed 13Thu 14Fri 15 Sat 16Sun 17
Mon 18Tue 19Wed 20Thu 21Fri 22 Sat 23Sun 24
Mon 25Tue 26Wed 27Thu 28Fri 29Sat 30
Mon 2Tue 3Wed 4Thu 5Fri 6 Sat 7Sun 8
Mon 9Tue 10Wed 11Thu 12Fri 13 Sat 14Sun 15
Mon 16Tue 17Wed 18Thu 19Fri 20 Sat 21Sun 22
Mon 23Tue 24Wed 25Thu 26Fri 27Sat 28Sun 29
Mon 30Tue 31
AUGUSTWed 1Thu 2Fri 3Sat 4Sun 5
Mon 6Tue 7Wed 8Thu 9Fri 10 Sat 11Sun 12
Mon 13Tue 14Wed 15Thu 16Fri 17 Sat 18Sun 19
Mon 20Tue 21Wed 22Thu 23Fri 24 Sat 25Sun 26
Mon 27Tue 28Wed 29Thu 30Fri 31
Mon 3Tue 4Wed 5Thu 6Fri 7 Sat 8Sun 9
Mon 10Tue 11Wed 12Thu 13Fri 14 Sat 15Sun 16
Mon 17Tue 18Wed 19Thu 20Fri 21 Sat 22Sun 23
Mon 24Tue 25Wed 26Thu 27Fri 28 Sat 29Sun 30
Mon 1Tue 2Wed 3Thu 4Fri 5 Sat 6Sun 7
Mon 8Tue 9Wed 10Thu 11Fri 12 Sat 13Sun 14
Mon 15Tue 16Wed 17Thu 18Fri 19 Sat 20Sun 21

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