Walking along the Corsonna valley

The Corsonna is a stream running in a deep valley to the north of Barga. In winter it can become a raging torrent but through the summer water levels are low and there are a number of sunny pools where it is possible to swim or at least splash in cold fresh mountain water. The stream starts high on the flank of Monte Giovo and descends rapidly to meet the river Serchio at Arsenale below San Pietro in Campo.

This is a short interesting walk, starting at Casa Fontana, and passing along a section of the Corsonna below the Ponte di Catagnana.

Leaving Barga by Porta Macchiaia, turn left down the via dell’Acquedotto, pass under the aqueduct and turn right, continuing up via dell’Acquedotto until it reaches Viale Cesare Biondi. Here cross straight over and continue along via del Capriolo. The road drops steeply down to meet Viale Giovanni Pascoli. Turn right and continue past the Peugeot garage, a builders yard then a woodcutters yard. Immediately after the wood yard, take the narrow stony track on the left and follow it down until it meets a wider track in front of a grove of bamboo. Turn left and continue on this track which runs alongside the Corsonna. You will pass the ruins of several mills which once took their water supply from the stream.

Continue until there is a metal bridge across the Corsonna on the right, and here turn left, following the path which leads in front of a derelict mill which once combined a chestnut mill and silk worm production. The ancient mule track winds up the hill to the area of Lato where you pass several blocks of flats. Continue on till the road swings round to the right and to your left a narrow lane rises steeply. Follow this lane up till it meets the main road, in front of a yellow house. Turn left and continue straight on till you reach the Albergo Alpino. Here you may go to the left or the right of the Alpino as both routes end at the same place at the foot of via di Borgo. Climb up this steep street and take the first lane on your left, which leads to via della Fontana and back to Casa Fontana.


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